Ittehad Eid Collection 2018 & Midsummer Collection 2018 by House of Ittehad

Today I am introducing new Eid collection by “House of Ittehad” this collection is titled as Ittehad Eid Collection & Midsummer Collection. Before launching its new Eid ul Azha collection every young women and girl was waiting for this new collection.

This collection of Ittehad is specially launched for the coming holy occasion of Eid ul Azha. Coming Eid ul Azha event is the holy event of Muslims. This collection is also for midsummer season. Let me tell you the background of House of Ittehad. In 1973 House of Ittehad has launched its textile industry in Pakistan with the name of “Itthad group of Industries”. They have used very expensive machinery in the production of their clothing brand. Their technology used in printing is very extraordinary and their fabric they are using for production of their clothing material is of high quality. All girls and women like to wear this brand due to its high quality. It is more familiar among all the textile industries and among all fashion designers in Pakistan because of its good will. Mostly fashion designers desire that his or her clothing will make under the administration of “House of Ittehad”. I suggest you to take some business loan to start new business of clothing under the supervision of “House of Itthad” because it will make you richest. Ittehad Group of Industries has its own particular assembling system with turning, weaving, and printing units. It is a well established structure. Ittehad Textile Industries not just contending the difficulties of the excellence of season additionally giving the esteem too. They took great consideration while picking the pastels shades, earth tones, delicate hues, marvelous tints, sensitive inconspicuous tones, and some medium tones to energize the presence of fabric. The delightful clients of Ittehad group of Industries could locate the remarkable range of floral, digital, abstract, and ethnic prints that will upgrade their style in keen way. Let’s view Itthad new collection of Eid ul Azha.

Ittehad Eid Collection & Midsummer Collection by House of Ittehad Ittehad Eid Collection & Midsummer Collection by House of Ittehad

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